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Basam Trade Mentorship on Forex and Synthetic Indices

Our mentoring program is dedicated to individuals who want to improve their knowledge about the financial markets, particularly the Foreign Exchange, Synthetic Indices market, and make online trading their main source of income.

Our tutors always make sure that everyone is carried along as the training is one-on-one training. It means messages, questions, answers, explanations will be sent to students via Direct Messages. Lots of videos that explain everything in detail are also available. 


Basam Trade has a groundbreaking testimony in the mentorship of students for years.  Some of our expert tutors have their presence well known for being great traders of Synthetic Indices assets such as Boom, Crash, Volatility Index, Jump Index e.t.c

The Mentorship is fixed on a one-on-one basis so as to keep our students fully prepared to start trading profitably within a very short period of time.


  1. All regions that support trading the financial market including those that support trading cryptocurrencies.
  2. Age you must fulfill the age requirements for trading in the financial markets set by the regulatory bodies in your respective country.
  3. English you must have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken since all the learning materials and correspondence with us will be carried out in English.
  4. Free time you must be able to spend at least two hours per day in learning and testing.


  1. You will receive materials in PDF and video format which should guide you through the learning process. We will be conducting online tests to review and cement your knowledge.
  2. There will always be one-on-one interaction via any of our chat room
  3. You will be able to watch live trading sessions to expand your understanding.
  4. We will be answering your questions via live chat, e-mail, or on our forum.
  5. For any arisen problems you will also be able to contact us via telephone.

This only allows people from overseas to enroll in Forex and Synthetic Indices Mentorship program.
Kindly proceed to payment, download the file and follow the instructions accordingly.

Send a message containing proof of payment and your email after a successful purchase.

Check out some testimonies from a few of our students

Mr. Solomon just came across our details online and he took the bold step by enrolling for the mentorship. He quickly absorbed and in the space of a week due to the simplicity of the explanation he started practicing immediately and the rest is testimony from there onward. The last time one of our tutors checked upon him he was still basking and rejoicing that he taught a friend our method of trading and both of them are still doing well.

Mr. Paul, a plumber who was looking for a way to start making more money came across our program online due to the plea and the sincerity of the personality he was using to communicate he was mentored at half price which he completed upon his first profit. He was able to convert $30 to $290 in a space of two weeks. At Basam Trade we believe everyone can achieve with the right guidance and dedication.

Mr. Saviour I. A student among the first batch of students we mentor showed us this two weeks after the class where he has a trader with $286 and turned to $1900 in three weeks.

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36 reviews for Basam Trade Mentorship Program

  1. Solomon John

    Trading has been amazing amazing, I have been growing my account steadily. No more stupid losses the way I used to do before now. The mentorship was indeed an eye opener the ideas always works and its damn near impossible for it to fail. I know nothing us , but this strategy is like 95% and that’s because I’m trying to temper expectations.
    Thanks a lot Basam Trade for putting this together.

  2. maria.john

    It’s amazing how Basam Trade guide me to perfection as a novice to been a profitable trader.. Thanks Basam

  3. rebecca.fraser

    Shout out from USA….
    I have had a pretty bad experience with financial markets but my story finally changed completely after having a mentorship program with Basam Trade. I’m so grateful my trading journey is becoming interesting.

  4. James J.

    “I have been searching for some time for a rule based trading system to be able to trade without “emotions” and Basam Trade has provided a very reliable strategy that can be applied to all “classes”.”
    James, LA

  5. Gedeon Tamara

    “I loved the class. I learned a lot. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and presented the material in a very understandable way.”
    New Jersey

  6. Caraway M

    “If you want to connect with a trading tutors that are on top of their field, join the Basam Mentorship Program. Caraway”

  7. L. Natalia

    “I don’t play, I trade after attending Basam Mentorship Program. ”

  8. David Scott

    “My name is David Scott Newman and I really recommend to those people who are concerned with their finances to take this education at Basam Trade Mentorship Program to become confident on managing their finances,” from Ukraine

  9. Simon Newman

    “Mr. Samuel is a world class educator. He has a gift for breaking down a complex subject and making it easy to understand! He has really made me understand the concept of how to put my emotions on check when trading.. -Simon N.” 🙂 London

  10. Douglas Woods

    Basam Trade Mentorship is a good one.. kindly try them out

  11. Benjamin A

    “If you don’t know how to trade, and looking for knowledge and a strategy, then learning through Basam Trade Mentorship Program is a great start! The instructors I have learned from before were previous traders/brokers. You are learning from people who actually trade!”

  12. amelia.oliver

    I came across the website while searching for a way to start making profitable trades.. today Basam Trade has made me have the best experience in trading. Thanks for taking out time to guide me onto perfection.
    Amelia from Ukraine

  13. Andrea Tyler

    Nice Mentorship program. My personal tutor always made sure I get it right all time. Andrey Tyler

  14. Elizabeth Eric

    It’s a great course and I highly recommend since personally I have started making money after a long time of losing. Elizabeth E. South Africa

  15. Victoria Brandon

    It’s a really interesting course. Course design is design for ease of understanding. Victoria Brandon. Ukraine

  16. Ashley N

    A friend recommended the course to me… I have seen real explanation of professional profitable concept that works like wild fire.
    Ashley N. London

  17. Allison Adam

    The tutor has clearly explained the various concepts of trading, investment, and risk with examples. I have learned about finance ratios, costs, financial statements, and trading.

  18. Ryan Matthew

    The course was good. I felt that the class duration was very less to cover the topics. In all I was prepared enough to start making profits with how to put my emotions on check.
    I love Basam Trade ♥️

  19. Elizabeth Ben

    “Basam Trade has a very well versed Plan class on how to trade synthetic profitably. I was able to understand concepts and info that needed to be provided in the fields.”
    Elizabeth Ben from Ukraine

  20. Mark Pierre

    Mark Pierre, New York

  21. Afolabi Adams

    “The best and easiest place to learn about all Synthetic Indices assets class.”
    Afolabi Adams, Nigeria

  22. Emanuele Timothy

    “This Mentorship program really shows how Basam Trade truly cares about their student’s success. Well Done. Emanuele Timothy, London”

  23. Stephen Matt

    Great tutor at every stage. Thanks Basam Trade for showing me the way to great profit making

  24. Ostein Joshua

    The Mentorship program is an eye-opener. It was a great transfer of confidence and discipline. Thanks to all the tutors.

  25. Namba Nolan

    The mentorship is power-packed. The courses and each concept on trading synthetic indices was very simple.

  26. Gorgenia Jeanette

    As a beginner, the course was very easy to assimilate. Now I am trading profitably. I am glad I found out about Basam Trade.
    Houston, Texas

  27. Matthew Tod

    I am happy that I finally completed this course. This course is structured in a way it is easy for beginners to learn more about the synthetic indices market. Thanks, Basam Trade for structuring this course.
    California USA

  28. Jane Claude

    It was a good experience. I got a lot of practical knowledge and we were also provided the working notes via the chat room and through books which are indeed very helpful. The Tutor is so knowledgeable about the market movement of synthetic indices.

  29. Samson Reuben

    “My name is Samson Reuben and I highly recommend this class if you want to better your Synthetic Indices and Forex Trading ability. The tutor is all happy with such a good online learning environment to be in. Thanks, Basam Trade for showing me the way to make more profits.
    Abuja, Nigeria

  30. Eddie Gabriel

    “Basam Trade is really good if you’re looking to get really good at trading Forex and Synthetic Indices, you have all the support you need for life, you have access to one-on-one training with a successful trader.”
    Joburg, South Africa

  31. Maxwell Harry

    “Basam Trade Mentorship has helped me tremendously in understanding trading and the markets in general.- Maxwell, London

  32. Kathy Newman

    “Basam Trade cares about students. The tutor makes sure all the students under him are able to trade their funds out profitably.”
    New York

  33. johnson.woods (verified owner)

    Nice course. A complete eye-opener.

  34. john.stone

    Excellent course. The tutor know what he is really doing.

  35. samson.daniel (verified owner)

    Nice course, it gave me the very best idea on trading profitably.

  36. Grace Samson

    One of the best Synthetic Indices Course I have ever enrolled. Thanks Mr. Basam for this course. My profit making is now on another level

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