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BASAM TRADE is a brand with a sole purpose of reaching out to the worldwide population with knowledge of how life can be made better, financially via trading and teaching how to trade the Financial Market and the Synthetic Indices Market.

The founder, as a student he graduated top of his class with CGPA of 3.67/4.00 in Science Laboratory Technology (also currently running a program in Industrial Chemistry). Having participated in many skill acquisition program most of which he is doing excellently well with practicing of what he learnt, he has developed passion to put together different ideas in trading the financial market since he is also trading for self consumption at the moment with future plans to trade for companies of various magnitute in the near future.

Teaching Wits

Samuel Barnabas I. a professional, passion driven teacher and an excellent Science and Maths genius. He have over ten (10) years of experience in teaching.

I tutor students using a friendly approach as students finds it very difficult to learn from a teacher whom they are not calm and free with.

My methodology span through the use of physical examples, discussion and illustrations as this usually helps my students to have examples to relate what they have been taught with.

The result I have gotten over the years has been nothing short of incredible. Most of my students who sat for WAEC, NECO and JAMB usually come out been successful with excellent grades. More so in all my stay in tertiary institutions I have been privileged to lecture my course mates on difficult courses especially those of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

I termed myself a great teacher because of the proven result I have gotten over the years. Also in my personal academic pursuit I have always come out with excellent grades. I have made a lot of impact on students of my kind and at the same levels or below my level in school. In my quest to even make learning easy and simple for any kind of student I have book on sale (in digital form) on academic excellent.

Coupled with my skilfulness in teaching I also took time to acquire knowledge in trading the financial market, knowledge of which is available to be transfer unto others in books and mentorship program. I can assure you I offer the best in whatever I do. A try will make you understand more.

I am always available for students (High Schools, Colleges: studying Chemistry base courses) who are finding it difficult to excel in their studies.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can do so on any of the channel below or click here  or the name below to go to my personal profile.

Email: support@basam-trade.com

Best regards.

Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi.


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