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Basam Trade Mentorship Program will deliver into your hands the very knowledge and ideology I and my students have used to rake in thousands of dollars from the Synthetic Indices and Forex Market. The Mentorship Program will last for 30 days, including access to all our Books on Trading. Though the training module will last for 30 days, access to the resource material is lifetime, also we at Basam Trade are looking at a long lasting relationship between us and our students and as such, our top most priority is to make sure every student is profitable within a considerable period of time. Every Student is entitle to a One-on-One Tutor that will guide you from scratch

Actionable Training

Obtain proven experience that will teach you executable strategies on how to trade synthetic indices profitably.

One-on-One Mentorship

The Basam Trade Mentorship Program will make available One-on-One Mentor to make sure all student are carried along according to their level of understanding

Premium Material

Free books and videos are made available in every students dashboard.

Basam Trade Mentorship Program

The Course will open your mind to the indepth knowledge of how to trade Forex and Synthetic Indices Market profitably with the proven strategy we have been using.

Benefits of Learning through Basam Trade Mentorship Program

With our proven strategies you’ll be able to start implementing and trading accurately by knowing exactly how to do the following;

What can you trade profitably after the mentorship?

After the mentorship every student will be able to start trading the Synthetic Indices Market and Forex Market with easy and profitably as far as instructions are followed. Some of the assets that will be traded are;

Who don't want a testimony like this?

The screenshot on the left is for Mr. Samuel who is also one of the mentor you will be learning from. He has made quite a fortune trading the Synthetic Indices Market. The testimony on the right is for Mr. Solomon who lost a fortune before coming in contact with Basam Trade Mentorship Program, as you can see the rest is testimonies and attestation;

When you come onboard you will be able to learn:

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Explore the best training experience on how to start trading profitably. Join the other students, learn, practice, and become a master of the market.

Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi - CEO, Basam Trade

The Mentorship training will place in your hands the proven strategies that will use to start grinding hard in the market.

With Basam Trade Mentorship you are sure to be on the right part and the right blueprints of profitable trading will be handed over to you.

Experience traders will be available to guide you to perfection.

Are You Low on Equity?

Grow your little account today.

Mr. Nkanyiso picked up my personal contact from the binary/deriv platform sometime back and decided to settle down to learn how to trade the synthetic indices market. In my expertise, I deployed the knowledge of how I and my team trade the market with ease of making profits. After the Mentorship Course videos and explanation was undertaken, he started practicing. At first, his emotions and impatient was trying to get the best of him. But since the program is a lifetime journey, the constant communication with encouragement from others made him stand on his feet… Today it has turned to testimonies.

How he converted his $9 to $403 

  • He learnt the strategy well enough to believe in it.
  • He always keeps in constant communication and sometimes shares his analysis for scrutiny
  • He followed the psychology rule as taught during the training period.
  • He always waits for the perfect entry position to appear before taking trades.
  • He have a mentor he is accountable to.

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As an enrolled student, you will also have access to the electronic format of our four books on trading.

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What Our Students Have to Say

“If you want to connect with a trading tutors that are on top of their field, join the Basam Mentorship Program. Caraway” London.
Caraway M
From London
It’s a great course and I highly recommend it since personally, I have started making money after a long time of losing. Elizabeth E. South Africa
Elizabeth Eric
From South Africa
The course was worth it. I can say the strategy works like fire. Thanks, Basam
“My name is David Scott Newman and I really recommend to those people who are concerned with their finances to take this education at Basam Trade Mentorship Program to become confident on managing their finances,” from Ukraine
David Scott
From Ukraine
This is all I needed to know to get started with Synthetic Indices,
Joseph A.
EVERY THING IS GREAT Mark Pierre, New York
Mark Pierre
From New York
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