Books and Mentorship on Trading Synthetic Indices

Synthetic Indices Books

Synthetic Indices Market is a vast market for traders with different assets such as Volatity Index, Crash and Boom, Step Index, Jump Index, Range Break, and different country indices.

Getting the forehand and professional knowledge on how to trade the Synthetic Indices Market going to be a great achievement.

The market is always open 24/7.

There is no risk of liquidity. the volatility is high meaning you dont have to wait for hours before you get an appreciable pip movement.

Trade synthetic Indices with 90% winning rates with our proven strategies. The book contains ideas ideas that has made readers $100k+ from trading Synthetic Indices

Experience accurate entry position with huge profit potentials.

The book is rich in detailed explanation on how to discover trend reversal in different market conditions

In an attempt to save my students time when tutoring them in the Mentorship Class we have decided tp place most of the theoritical ideas as regarding trading both Synthetic and Forex Market in a book. This act made it possible to dwell basically on practicals whenever Mentorshi Classes are on.


Trading has been amazing amazing, I have been growing my account steadily. No more stupid losses the way I used to do before now. The mentorship was indeed an eye opener the ideas always works and its damn near impossible for it to fail. I know nothing us , but this strategy is like 95% and that’s because I’m trying to temper expectations. Thanks a lot Basam Trade for putting this together.
Solomon John
Shout out from USA…. I have had a pretty bad experience with financial markets but my story finally changed completely after having a mentorship program with Basam Trade. I’m so grateful my trading journey is becoming interesting.
Rebecca Fraser
“I have been searching for some time for a rule based trading system to be able to trade without “emotions” and Basam Trade has provided a very reliable strategy that can be applied to all “classes”.” James, LA
James J.
“My name is David Scott Newman and I really recommend to those people who are concerned with their finances to take this education at Basam Trade Mentorship Program to become confident on managing their finances,” from Ukraine
David Scot


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are total novice in trading Forex or Synthetic Indices Basam Trade strongly advice you enroll for the mentorship as the books and lots of materials will be given and you will be assigned a personal tutor to help attain excellent in your trading journey.

The best broker to the best of our knowledge is deriv/binary. We have others that can be used base on your choice and location.

With the broker you can use an equity as low as $10 but we recomend that you start real account trading $30 upward

You will be trained via live video, pre-recorded, whatsapp messages, Books, Voice Notes and Voice calls when necessary.


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